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Press Release Archive

August - 2015
Gefen Becomes Part of Core Brands, Strengthening Portfolio of Solutions Offered to Growing Dealer Network

June - 2015
Gefenís New Matrix Controller Facilitates Setup and Control of Video Over IP Products
Lt. Dan from Forrest Gump Founds Non-Profit to Supply Specially Adapted Custom Smart Homes to War Vets with a Little Back-End Gefen Connectivity

May - 2015
Gefen Unveils Latest Innovations at InfoComm 2015

Gefen Signs COMM-TEC as Master Distributor in Central Europe

April - 2015
Gefen Simplifies 4K Ultra HD System Integration with New 4K Ultra HD 8x8 Matrix

March - 2015
Gefen Takes Signal Switching to Next Level with the Launch of its New Multi-Format Processor

February - 2015
Gefen Delivers High Resolution Signal Management for State-of-the-Art Learning Center in the Northeast

January - 2015
Gefen Showcases Total Packaged Solutions at ISE 2015

December - 2014
Gefen Releases New DVI Extenders for High Demand Applications
Two New 4K Ultra HD Extenders from Gefen Offer Advanced Features and an Expanded Distance for Signal Delivery

November - 2014
Gefen Ships Three New Scalers Integrating Analog and Digital Devices to Lengthen Product Life for Seamless System Integration
SightDeck uses Gefen Technology to Enable a Seamless Back-end Performance that Drives State-of-the-Art Presentations

October - 2014
Gefen Expands Portfolio of 4K Ultra HD Infrastructure Solutions with New Fiber Optic-Based Extender

August - 2014
Gefen Syner-Gô Suite Changes the Game of Signal Management, Offering a Software Suite of Tools for System Integrators

July - 2014
Award-Winning Gefen Solution Distributes HDMI with USB, RS-232, IR and Audio over a Local Area Network with Option to Create Virtual Matrix Switching Solution

June - 2014
RED Supplies the Stunning 4K Content while Gefen Fortifies 4K Signal Delivery Infrastructure

May - 2014
Gefen and Brand Protection Agency Team up to Oversee Adherence to Gefenís Minimum Advertised Price Policy

April - 2014
Gefen, a Nortek Company, Launches a New and Strengthened Business Strategy
Gefenís New Fiber Optic Extender for DisplayPort Uses Two Fiber Cables for Secure Long-Distance Signal Transmissions
Create a Virtual, Cross-Point Matrix on any Network with Gefenís New DVI KVM over IP with Local Output
Gefen Expands its Portfolio of 4K Ultra HD Connectivity Solutions with Two New Long-Range Signal Extenders
Gefen Premiers New Extender for Post-Production Studios using DVI to Deliver High Resolution Video

March - 2014
Gefen Wins Three Awards in Q1 2014

February - 2014
Building on its Portfolio of 4k Ultra HD Solutions, Gefen Expands Line with Two New Matrix Switchers for HDMI 4Kx2K

January - 2014
Gefenís New Wireless for HDMI 60 GHz Extender Delivers Uncompressed 1080p Full HD with Near-Zero Latency for an Unbeatable Performance

December - 2013
New DVI KVM over IP Extender from Gefen Gives Flexible, Scalable Access to Computers in Network-Based Environments 

October - 2013
Best-in-Class Seamless Switching, Progressive Features and Cost-Effective Pricing Support Demanding Professional Applications
Founder Hagai Gefen Hands over Executive Direction to New Leadership Team

September - 2013
Gefenís New 4x1 Switcher for HDMI Delivers Resolutions up to 4k Supporting the Newest Ultra HD Displays
New Jersey Sign Shop Enlivens Street Scene with Digital Flames using the Gefen Digital Signage Creator

August - 2013
Gefen Brings New Innovations in Connectivity to CEDIA
Gefenís New HDFST Modular Matrix for HDMI Supports HDCP and Includes Built-in ELR Extenders for a Better Performance and Unique Customization Options

July - 2013
Gefenís New High Resolution USB to Audio Decoder Outputs Analog and Digital Audio from any Computer
Gefen Expands Asian Team for Increased Local Coverage and Enhanced Customer Service
Gefen Shows Digital Connectivity for 4k Ultra HD at IBC
Multiple New Gefen ToolBox Splitters Support Ultra HD Resolutions to 4k

June - 2013
Gefen Receives Prestigious Pro AV Spotlight/Judges Award and Rental & Staging Awards from Newbay Media at InfoComm
New DVI ELR Lite from Gefen Extends Digital Video Using Cost-Effective Extension Modules

May - 2013
Gefen Announces new DisplayPort Booster to Lengthen the Distance DisplayPort can Travel over Standard Copper Cables
Gefen Demonstrates Unique Solutions at InfoComm

April - 2013
Gefen Announces Two New GefenPRO Scalers for 3GSDI Providing Value Added Features such as Frame Synchronization for Broadcasters
New Daisy Chain System from Gefen Extends 100 Displays by Daisy Chaining from one Display to the Next using Video over IP Technology
Gefen Shows New Connectivity Solutions at NAB

March - 2013
Gefen Appoints New Sales Director for Far East and Pacific Rim
GAVA (Gefen A/V Automation) Now Offers a Free App for Customers Using Apple and Android Smart Phones and Tablets

February - 2013
Gefen Acquires Gefen Distribution GmbH to Better Serve the Professional A/V Market in Europe
New Gefen Extender for DisplayPort Streamlines Power Requirements and Supports High Resolution Video Extension to 100 Feet

January - 2013
New Gefen Solutions at ISE 2013.
Gefen Introduces Three New KVM Extenders Using Video Over IP Technology to Deliver Audio, Video, USB, Microphone and RS-232 over a Local Area Network (LAN)

December - 2012
Gefen Ships New 4x4 Matrix for HDMI with Four Extended Outputs using HDBaseT
Gefen Releases Two New Products, One that Embeds Audio on a 3GSDI Output and One that De-Embeds Audio from a 3GSDI stream to AES/EBU Audio Format

November - 2012
New Gefen ToolBox Extender for HDMI Offers More Economical Pricing on HDBaseT Extension Technology with Power over Line

October - 2012
New Gefen DVI-3600HD Extends Multiple A/V Signals over Fiber Optic Cable for Easy Set up of Remote Workstations
GAVA's New End-to-End A/V Automation Solution Offers a Quick Installation with No Programming Required
Gefenís Next Generation Extender uses a Single CAT-5 Cable to Transmit HDMI with USB up to 100 Meters

September - 2012
New Gefen Audio Amplifier Integrates Three Audio Sources, Down Mixes 5.1 Dolby to 2 Channels and Includes Volume Stabilizing in One Solution

August - 2012
Gefen Shows New Digital Connectivity Solutions at IBC

July - 2012
Gefen Slashes the Price of its Digital Signage Media Player Supporting 1080p Full HD Playback
Gefen Releases New Matrix Switcher for HDMI with Built-in Extension Based on HDBaseT using a Single CAT-5 Cable
New GefenTV Extender for HDMI Offers Cost-Effective Pricing for Shorter Runs using HDBaseT Technology

June - 2012
New Gefen ToolBox Mini PACS Offers Control of IR, RS-232 and IP Devices from a Central Interface
Gefen's New 8x8 Matrix for HDMI with FST Currently Shipping

May - 2012
Gefenís new DVI KVM Solution Extends Two Displays with USB Peripherals for Long Range Applications
Gefen Extends HDMI Wirelessly with Higher Resolution, Cost-Effective Next Generation Solutions

April - 2012
Gefen Offers Four New Ways to Extend DVI over Fiber
Two Enhanced Digital Signage Media Players with Wi-Fi from Gefen Offer HTML5 and Widgets for a More User Friendly Experience

March - 2012
Gefen Unveils Diverse Range of Digital Connectivity Solutions at NAB 2012
New Gefen ToolBox Matrix Switcher Routes Eight HDMI Sources to Eight Displays with Fast Switching Technology for an Instant Signal Delivery
New Professional Automation Control System from Gefen Provides Access to A/V Systems over any Network

February - 2012
Gefen Announces New 1:4 DisplayPort Splitter to Distribute High Resolution Graphics for Multiple Monitor Applications
Gefen Announces Two New Extenders for DVI using CAT-6 or Fiber Optic Cabling to Achieve Longer Distances with High Resolution Support
Next Generation GefenPRO Matrix Switchers Offer Cross-Point Routing and Push Button Control to Enhance Performance

January - 2012
Gefen Premiers Connectivity Solutions at Integrated Systems Europe
Gefen Shows New Innovations at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas

December - 2011
Gefen Ships Next Generation USB 2.0 4-Port Extender using CAT-5 Cable
Two New GefenPRO ELR Extenders with POL (Power Over Line) Technology Deliver HDMI, Power, Ethernet, IR and RS-232 Over a Single CAT-5 Cable

November - 2011
Gefenís Newest Splitter Supports High Resolution Video Systems using Dual Link DVI
Gefen Premiers New GefenPRO 32x32 DVI Matrix Offering Greater Signal Distributions for Computer and Video Graphics Applications

October - 2011
Gefen Unveils Portable HDMI Signal Generator Upgraded for 3DTV with High Quality Audio Testing
Gefenís New KVM ELR Extender Delivers HDMI with USB, IR and Ethernet over CAT-5 Cable

September - 2011
Gefen Announces New DVI FM-1500 and DVI FM-2000 Fiber Optic Extension Solutions for Professionals Working with DVI Resolutions
Gefen Introduces New Digital Signage Media Player Offering Cost-Effective Content Management for Hi-Def Video
Gefen's New DisplayPort KVM Switchers Access Multiple Computers Using the Same Monitor and Keyboard/Mouse

August - 2011
Award Winning GefenTV 4x1 HD Switcher w/Audio Decoding Switches Four HDMI Sources and Delivers Multi-Channel Audio as 5.1 Surround Sound
Gefen and Marshall Electronics Combine Technologies to Enable Live Streaming Video for Digital Signage Applications

July - 2011
New Extra Long Range (ELR) KVM Extender from Gefen Delivers WUXGA Resolutions with USB Peripherals using Just One CAT-5 Cable up to 100 Meters
Gefen Releases Two New Digital Signage Media Players Offering High Definition Playback using Wi-Fi or Traditional LAN-Based Connectors for Easy Access and Control
Gefen ToolBox Extender for HDMI 3DTV Recognized as Industry Leading Product at InfoComm 2011

June - 2011
Easily Integrate Displays and Devices using 3GSDI and HDMI Formats with Two New GefenPRO Scalers
New GefenPRO ELR Extender Sends HDMI with 3DTV, IR, RS-232, Ethernet and Power over a Single CAT-5 Cable

May - 2011
Gefen Announces New Multi-Format A/V Conference Room Processor For Comprehensive Video Scaling with Built-in 2.1 Audio Amplifier
New High Definition 1080p Scaler from Gefen Improves Multi-Display System Performance with Switchable Digital Audio Inputs

April - 2011
High Resolution Dual Link DVI Extender Supports Remote High Resolution Video Using Economical CAT-6 Cabling
Industry Experts John Novak of Gefen and Derek Flannagan of Distributor JB&A Offer Guidance on How to Best Plan, Install, Deliver and Monitor High Quality Digital Signage Installations
New ELR (Extra Long Range) Extender from Gefen uses HDBaseT and PoL (Power over Line) Technologies to Send HDMI, Power, Ethernet, IR and RS-232 Over a Single CAT-5 Cable

March - 2011
Gefen Announces New Extra Long Range Extender for DVI Delivering High Resolution Video to 330 Feet
Gefen Connects any Computer using High Resolution Dual link DVI Graphics to a 27-inch Apple LED Cinema Display using Mini-DisplayPort

February - 2011
New Extenders from Gefen Streamline Computer Video Extension with USB Peripherals over CAT5 or CAT6 Cables for a Longer Distance Delivery
Nationwide Distributor JB&A Offers GefenPRO Products

January - 2011
Gefen ToolBox Shipping High Speed USB Four-Port Extender for Long Range Distances
Multiple Senders in One Rack-Mount Unit Deliver HDMI up to 200 Feet at 1080p Full HD with Support for 3DTV using CAT-6 Cable

December - 2010
Ultra Long Distance Fiber Optics Extender for 3G SDI Exceeds Distance Limitations for Impeccable Signal Delivery

November - 2010
Next Generation Volume Stabilizer with Dolby 5.1 Decoding to L/R Audio
New Gefen ToolBox Splitters Offer Fast Switching Technology and 3DTV Pass-Through for High Performance Hi-Def Delivery

October - 2010
New GefenPRO 10x4 DVI Dual Link Matrix for Ultra High Resolution Computer Systems
Gefen Announces Association with Leading Digital Content Creators Offering a Comprehensive Digital Signage Solutions Package from Start to Finish
Gefen Certifies BTX Technologies as Master Distributor of Digital Signage

September - 2010
Gefen Premiers New Product Line called GefenPRO Including 24/7 Technical Support for Professional Installations
Certified in Gefenís Digital Signage Solutions, AVAD is Fully Prepared to Support All Aspects of Digital Signage, From Hardware Through to Content Development

August - 2010
GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer Makes Volume Levels Consistent Using Dolby Volume Technology
GefenTV Home Theater Audio Processor and Companion Speakers Offer Easy Way to Create Surround Sound Anywhere

July - 2010
Gefen ToolBox Extra Long Range Extender for 3DTV
ESPNs X Games 16 Taps Gefen Digital Signage Creator to Deliver Up-to-Date Essentials for Spectators
Gefen Ships Digital Signage Creator Featuring Award-Winning Components

June - 2010
Gefen Supplies Support for 3DTV Just in Time for the Premier 3DTV Broadcast of the World Soccer Championship in South Africa
Gefen Implements "Fast Switching Technology" on all HDMI Products

May - 2010
Gefenís New USB to DVI HD Allows You to Add Any Hi-Def Display to your Computer using the USB Port
John Novak Appointed Director of Digital Signage to Drive Growth of New Business Line Offering Digital Signage Hardware and Software Solutions

April - 2010
Gefen Ships USB-400 Fiber Optic Extender for Long Range Hi-Speed Peripherals
Gefen Introduces New GefenTV Audio Speaker Sets for Conference Room Applications

March - 2010
New Video Wall Controller from Gefen Sets up Video Walls in Minutes
Automate Digital Signage Content from Anywhere with the New HD Digital Signage Player from Gefen

February - 2010
Gefen Connects Different Hi-Def Video Formats to Mini DisplayPort for Integration of Computer and Entertainment Equipment
New Matrix Switcher from Gefen Supplies Simple and Reliable Method of System Integration
Gefen Unveils New ďToolBoxĒ Product Line Offering Compact, Wall Mounted Hardware as an Alternative to Rack Mounted Equipment
Gefen Offers DisplayPort Solutions for Computer System Integration with Audio/Video Switchers and a Booster Cable

January - 2010
GefenTV Wireless for HDMI 60Ghz is Shipping, Offering the First Uncompressed Method of 1080p Full HD Wireless Connectivity up to 30 Feet in Distance
Gefen Brings Digital Connectivity Expertise to ISE 2010

December - 2009
Gefen Brings New Product Line and Enhanced Solutions to CES 2010.
Enhanced KVM Switcher from Gefen Gives Access to Four Computers using One High Resolution Display with Single or Dual Link DVI Connectivity

November - 2009
Gefen Breaks Distance Barrier Using CAT-5 Cable to Carry HDMI v1.3 at 1080p Full HD

October - 2009
Large DVI Matrix from Gefen Lets You Switch and Distribute 16 Computers to 16 Displays
New DisplayPort Extreme Solutions from Gefen Deliver High Resolution Video to Extended Displays Using Pre-Terminated Fiber Optic Cables

September - 2009
The Gefen DVI-1600HD Extends DVI or HDMI with RS-232 Control and Audio over Fiber Optic Cables for Long Distance Applications
Gefen Announces Availability of New Solutions for DisplayPort Devices

August - 2009
Broadcasters Can Convert Consumer Video Sources to the Professional 3G SDI Standard with a New Converter from Gefen
Gefen Extender for HDMI v1.3 Over One CAT-6a Cable Makes Extending HDTVs and Projectors at 1080p/60 Easy and Economical
Florida Home Improvement Radio Show Builds Project Demo House from Ground up Featuring Hard Wired High Definition Entertainment System

July - 2009
Gefenís Newest Splitter Supports All HDMI v1.3 Features and Comes in Smaller, Wall Mountable Enclosure
Gefen Announces Two New Solutions to Streamline Power Cords in the Rack Area

June - 2009
Gefen Announces New DVI-3500 KVM Extension Solution for Professionals Working with High Resolution DVI Displays at Local and Remote Locations
Documentary To Showcase LEED For Homes Platinum and CEDIA Electronics Lifestyle Showcase Project Uses Gefen HD SDI to HDMI Scaler To Enhance Video Flow During Production
GefenTV Digital Audio Decoder Converts up to 5.1 Channel Audio Encoded in Dolby Digital Surround to L/R Analog Audio
Gefenís New Matrix Switcher for HDMI Offers Cross Point Integration of High Definition Sources and Displays

May - 2009
Gefen Introduces 3G SDI Solutions at PALME
The GefenTV Wireless for HDMI 5Ghz Extender Delivers Any Hi-Def Source to One or More Displays with No Cables Required, Perfect for Both Residential and Commercial Installations
Gefen Introduces Two New Wireless Solutions for VGA, S-Video, Composite or Component Video Sources to Ease Installations and Enhance Performance

April - 2009
Easily Switch Between Two Hi-Def Sources and Two Mirrored Displays with the Gefen 2x2 Switcher for HDMI v1.3
Gefen HDMI over RGB Extender Delivers HDMI v1.3 with Deep Color up to 330 Feet over Existing Cable Infrastructure
Gefen Launches Russian Language Website
One-to-Many Switching Makes Gefen's New Matrix Switchers Ideal for Computer, Home Theater and Commercial Environments

March - 2009
Gefen Extends DVI up to Two Kilometers in Distance.
Deliver Hi-Def A/V Anywhere with One Fiber Cable

January - 2009
HDMI v1.3 Splitter for Multi-Display Applications
Gefen HDMI Matrix on the Road with THX Calibration Workshop by Lion A/V

December - 2008
Extend Ethernet Throughout the Home or Office With No New Cables Using the GefenTV Ethernet over Power Line Cable Extender

November - 2008
A/V Scaler Pro with Amplified Audio
GefenTV HDMI v1.3 Repeater Allows Two Standard HDMI Cables to Extend HDMI v1.3 at 1080p Full HD

October - 2008
New Gefen Switcher Supports HDMI v1.3 Devices, Giving Always-On Access to Three High-Def Sources from One HDMI Display
New SDI Splitter from Gefen Supports 3G Standards

August - 2008
GefenTV Scaler Pro Wins Electronic Houses Product of the Year Award
Gefen Announces Combo HDMI Distribution and Extension over CAT-5 Cables
Dual-Function Component Solutions with CAT-5 Extension to 300 Meters

July - 2008
Gefen DVI Extenders Employed in ARCHI-TECH AV Award Winner
Gefen Launches New Website
HDMI Extender Enables Easy IR Remote Control

June - 2008
Rentfusion Offers Gefen HDMI v1.3 Solutions
New Fiber-Based Extender from Gefen Delivers Hi-Def Video Up to 500 Meters

May - 2008
Gefen Joins Galtech LLC at PALME Middle East
Gefen Matrix Supports Hi-Def DVI DL Resolutions
Gefen Offers Easy Way of Extending Hi-Def Displays with RS-232 and IR Control Using CAT-5 Cables

April - 2008
Two New HDMI Distribution Amplifiers from Gefen Perform Dual Functions to Enhance the Delivery of HDTV over CAT-5 Cables
Gefen Wireless USB Extender Liberates Digital Audio Controls for Yamaha Live Sound Department

March - 2008
Gefen Adapter Gives HD Access Through USB Port
Gefen Distribution GmbH Services 20 European Countries

February - 2008
Two New Distribution Amplifiers from Gefen Deliver Component Video to 1080P with Audio up to 300 Meters in Distance
Two New Distribution Solutions from Gefen Deliver 1080P for HDMI v1.3

January - 2008
Gefen Announces its Gefen TV Line of Solutions for Prosumers and HD Savvy Consumers
New Connectivity Solutions from Gefen Support Next Generation HDMI v1.3 Signals for High Quality Installations
New Matrix Switchers from Gefen Enable System Integration Among Multiple HDMI Sources and Displays with Plug and Play Ease
Gefen Shows Inventive Methods of HDTV Extension Using Alternative Cabling With Full 1080p Support At CES
New Connectivity Tools from Gefen Offer Added Value When Integrating Computer Components and Displays

December - 2007
Home Theater Scaler from Gefen Makes HD Integration Easy

November - 2007
New Extension System from Gefen Splits One VGA Video Signal and Distributes It Up To 1000 Feet Over CAT-5 Cable
New Matrix Switcher Delivers Easy System Integration Among Four Displays and Four Video Sources

October - 2007
Gefen Delivers Wireless USB 2.0 Connectivity up to 100 Feet in Distance
New Integration and Distribution Solutions Support Next Generation HDMI v1.3 Formats

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