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The installation package is available to download here

Control any Gefen Switcher or Matrix with an IP Interface using a Software Program Installed on your PC

The Gefen Matrix Switcher Keyboard Controller allows customers with Gefen matrix or switcher products to use a keyboard with hot keys to switch between sources, providing a more useful interface with Gefen switchers and matrixes. This simple Telnet application can control any Gefen switcher or matrix that has an IP interface through a Local Area Network (LAN) using a PC/Mac keyboard. To control any Gefen switcher or matrix, set the IP address and send command sequence combinations.

Mac version also available: click here






How It Works


For example, you can set the applications Routing Sequence Key to use the "Left Ctrl". Then, you can send the following control sequence; Left Ctrl + Left Ctrl+ 2, which in turn will the switch to input #2 on the 4x1 DPKVM Switcher. If the user is using the 32x32 DVI Matrix, it will send the following command sequence; Left Ctrl + Left Ctrl + 0 + 3 + 0 + 7 which will route input #3 to output #7.

Supported Gefen Products

  • 4x1 DPKVM Switcher (EXT-DPKVM-441)
  • 4x4 Matrix for HDMI w/4 ELR-POL (GEF-HDFST-444-4ELR)
  • 8x1 DPKVM Switcher (EXT-DPKVM-841)
  • 8x8 Crosspoint Matrix for HDMI (EXT-HDFST-848CPN)
  • 8x8 DVI DL Matrix (GEF-DVI-848DL)
  • 8x8 DVI Dual Link Matrix w/ Push Button Control (GEF-DVI-848DL-PB)
  • 8x8 DVIKVM DL Matrix w/ Push Button Control (GEF-DVIKVM-848DL-PB)
  • 8x8 Matrix for HDMI (GTB-HDFST-848)
  • 8x8 Matrix for HDMI w/4 ELR-POL (GEF-HDFST-848-4ELR)
  • 8x8 Matrix for HDMI w/8 ELR-POL (GEF-HDFST-848-8ELR)
  • 16x16 3GSDI Matrix (GEF-3GSDI-16416)
  • 16x16 3GSDI Matrix w/ Push Button Control (GEF-3GSDI-16416-PB)
  • 16x16 Matix with Front Panel Push Button Controls (GEF-DVI-16416-PB)
  • 16x16 DVI Matrix (EXT-DVI-16416)
  • 32x32 DVI Matrix (GEF-DVI-32432)
  • 32x32 Modular Matrix (GEF-MOD-32432-DVI)

    Note:  The installation package and instructions will either be emailed to you
    or downloaded from the web site.

    • Windows XP, Windows 7 - 32 bit/64 bit


    UPC:   845344062914




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